CAIR-San Antonio: After Texas massacre, churches and houses of worship fear shootings and tighten security- CAIR interviewed in the Newsweek article

“Everybody has to be vigilant,” Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) San Antonio President Sarwat Husain told Newsweek. “All of us need to have some kind of training like we do for earthquakes. We are planning to do something like that for our mosques in San Antonio.”

Husain said mosques in San Antonio, which is about 35 miles west of Sutherland Springs, have already put security measures in place. But CAIR officials are now recommending mosques have plainclothes unarmed volunteers guarding their houses of worship. Muslim leaders have dealt with constant threats and attacks on local mosques, including a bomb blast at a Minnesota Islamic center in August. CNN counted 63 publicly reported incidents involving mosques from January to July 2017.

For the latest, please review the Newsweek article here

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